When the water starts boiling it is foolish to turn off the heat. Nelson Mandela

Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders


No stories, no drama, no therapy

just actionable tools that work, guaranteed.


    You have areas of your life where you are habitually sub-optimal. This book (system) and its tools addresses the states that lead to those limitations, the places where you limit your success or actively fail, the areas of your personality where you distance, diffuse and deflect intimacy and connection. This system will illustrate how to invigorate curiosity, embrace self-responsibility and increase your subtle awareness.


 I set an intention to spend 12 months writing a book … it took me three years. The book evolved into a method to shift existing paradigms, a toolkit for self-awareness and self-discovery.


  I started with the question “What if everything I believe is wrong?” The system outlined in the book grew from that original premise. The book includes 51 lessons. Each lesson has a paradigm shifting concept, a physical movement, a mental/emotional exercise to increase your subtle awareness, and a list of questions to help clarify your existing habits, patterns and beliefs. I also offering 45-minute personal phone sessions to clarify and incorporate the tools and a 12 week program.


Your dysfunctions, sufferings and failures are brought on 

by the inability to tolerate your ever-expanding vitality.


  Healthy growth and adaptation require healthy discomfort. You gain strength, flexibility and fluidity through adaptive discomfort. Subtle awareness is the discernment of edges. When you are able to sense your edges, identify your compensations and understand the fears and demands behind your stories, you can begin to make different choices before you react habitually. Your dysfunctions become obstacles to avoid, not problems on which to focus.


  Get healthy and move purposefully toward being healthier. Grow strong, flexible and fluid. Let your awareness, capacity and efficiency blossom and thrive. Become curious, passionate and playful. Find happiness, success and fulfillment. Unleash your potential. Buy the book, do the lessons, and schedule a session.


The book is $29.95 and is available from me or on Amazon.


 If you buy it from me, I will sign it for you and include a handy bookmark.