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Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders


The Discomfort of Happiness

Your systems are triggered to action/reaction by your comfort zones. There is a range of sensation, feeling, vitality, intimacy, relaxation, emotion, thought, image, belief, etc. that you are comfortable with. When you get out of this range your systems; physical, mentally and emotional, engage to return you to what is typical. Your comfort zone can be healthy or unhealthy, productive or inefficient, oriented toward success or failure; more than anything, it is habitual.


 You do what you do because it has worked before.


   As you learn to separate comfort and health, as you recognize being comfortable (habitual) may or may not be healthy, you can also acknowledge that being uncomfortable may or may not be unhealthy. Unhealthy comfort leads to dysfunction. Healthy discomfort leads to growth.


The Book includes 51 lessons to increase somatic awareness, identify edges, highlight areas of resistance and tools to intentionalize your actions, deconstruct limiting beliefs and hypercharge your vitality.


Healthy Discomfort Guarantees Growth and Advantageous Adaptation.


   How you discern, label, value and react to discomfort is a key element to change. Understanding and feeling where your comfort/discomfort edges are is another.  The foundations of this book begins with learning to be aware of the sensorial input you are receiving and what you do with it.


   The book is broken up into 51 lessons, each having two or three pages of focusing text, a physical movement, an exercise and a list of questions. Buy the book here.


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