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Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders


The Discomfort of Happiness


Unlimited Vitality requires maximizing the three components that make up what I call (cue the trumpets):


The Vital Triangle: Efficiency, Capacity and Awareness.


Efficiency has its own triangle drawn with three subcomponents: Releasing fear stories, reducing resistance and increasing effortlessness. Fear stories are your emotional attachments, mental stresses and physical tensions. These things all require energy. The more energy you put into them, the less you have available for other things. They are a perpetual drain of your vitality. They are the fictional babbling background warning you that you are unsafe. Reducing resistance requires understanding how you distance yourself, constrain yourself and subjectify your environment. These energy drains typically are non-constant and environmentally activated. They are foreground prattle, the chattel you empower and rattle to disempower. Effortlessness happens as you harvest momentum and utilize fitness. You decrease effort by getting fit, learning to flow and being fluid. The more mentally, emotionally and physically fit you are, the lower the percentage of your capacity required for each action. Learning to flow with your environment will increase the inherent momentum available through relaxation, inspiration and the unleashing of potential. You invent stress and formulate resistance to deflate yourself.


Capacity increases occur as you learn to tolerate discomfort, be intentional and stop depleting your vitality. You will increase your capacity as your system adapts to increasing demands. You adapt as your system FEELS the need. Adaptation requires discomfort. Tolerating healthy discomfort leads to adaptation. You will learn to identify your edges, the places where comfort transitions to discomfort, through somatic presence, feeling the sensations in your body, and learning to gauge the actuality of the moment, the difference between comfortably unsafe and uncomfortable safe. Understanding, focusing and moving toward your goals, intentionality, requires plotting your action vectors hierarchically, increasing your ability to focus by eliminating distractions and differentiating between action, reaction and immobilization; response-ability. You deplete your vital reserves with your dysfunctions, emotional exhalations and mental hypothesizing. Dysfunctions are the ways you dissipate energy; any habits, tendencies or addictions that leave you with less than you started.


Injury, drama and trama occur when you allow yourself to remain

Comfortably UNsafe.


Growth happens when you tolerate being UNcomfortable Safe.


Awareness comes with skillfully employing curiosity to increase your spherical proprioception. Curiosity allows you to begin to redefine what is possible. Curiosity leads to passion through three environmental doorways, the internal, the external and the transition between the two, shifting the inconceivable to the conceivable. You facilitate passion by moving away from explanation, the limiting of possibilities, toward inspiration, the unlimiting of possibilities.


Passion is Curiosity Coupling with Momentum.


As you unlimit possibilities you allow an infusion of sensation, reduce distraction and increase your vital tolerance. Curiosity allows you to creatively question your internally held personal beliefs, somatic currency and unrealized personal potential.  Somatic currency is the factuality of the moment, the sensations actually present. Curiosity involves questioning your limiting beliefs about the world outside of you or outside of the moment, your somatic non-currency; what in your environment you value that is fictional and non-actual. Passion happens when you allow a torrent of stimuli to flood your systems. Spherical proprioception is your ability to discern three things: your environment, your edges and time value.


Your environment consists of three discernments: outside your body, inside your body and the transition between the two. The edges of your comfort zones  are similar. You will either be approaching, at or beyond what you are currently deciding is tolerable. Time value is the triumvirate of past, present and future. Spherical proprioception is the understanding of how current events are valued, categorized and in what directions they are moving. I call redefining what is possible Unlimiting Infinity. You limit opportunities by creating restrictions; the ruts of your personality and daily patterns. What you comprehend as imaginable increases as you begin to de-value your beliefs systems, identify your limiting patterns and de-construct your images. You change your definitions by removing the constraints of what is possible, pushing your boundaries and… unlimiting your infinities. The key to managing and dismantling your dysfunctions is to tolerate the discomfort of happiness, your ever-expanding vitality, without resisting or venting. When you tolerate healthy discomfort, you adapt to and get comfortable with wider and deeper levels of happiness, intimacy, success and fulfillment.


Uncomfortable? Vibrant?