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Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders


List of Sensations:






Achy Empty Moist Spinning
Airy Energized Nauseous Still
Bloated Expanded Nervous Streaming
Blocked Expansive Nervy Stringy
Breathless Faint Numb Strong
Brittle Flaccid Open Suffocated
Bruised Floating Paralyzed Suffocating
Bubbly Flowing Pounding Sweaty
Burning Fluid Pressure Sweaty
Buzzy Flushed Prickly Tender
Calm Fluttery Puffy Tense
Clammy Fragile Pulsing Thick
Clenched Frantic Queasy Thin
Closed Frozen Quivery Throbbing
Cold Full Radiating Tight
Congested Fuzzy Ragged Tingling
Constricted Heated Raw Tingly
Contracted Heavy Referring Trembly
Cool Hollow Relaxed Tremulous
Damp Hot Releasing Twitchy
Dark Icy Restricted Warm
Deflated Inflated Sensitive Wobbly
Dense Itchy Shaky Wooden
Disconnected Jagged Sharp
Dizzy Jittery Shivery
Draining Jumpy Smooth
Dry Knotted Sore
Dull Light Spacey
Electric Luminous Spacious