Thank you, Jeff. Working with you has changed the way I live in the world. I have gained the tools to communicate what I want and need more clearly. I see which habits limit me in my personal and business life and now have the tools to make changes. I pay attention to my body more and relate the sensations in my body to my whole life and decisions I need to make. I feel more grounded and aware. Overall, I feel more at ease, happier and more fulfilled from working with you. Thanks again!


I have to say that my experience in my body has been soooo incredibly different since my session with you and my confidence about putting up boundaries between my ex and I has been really powerful! How long are you in town for? PS my father is VERY interested in a session with you too. He is traveling right now but after I told him about your session he said he'd fly to Oregon!


Thank you so much for the session the other day! Amazingly enough, I feel so much lighter and ok with decisions and it has allowed me to open up to so much stuff that continues to make me happy.


Your work is extremely subtle and extremely potent in my assessment.  And I am grateful.


Hey Jeff,

Since you worked on me, I have felt great. I am physically stronger, and have noticed increased mental and emotional clarity. I notice that I can easily stand up straight whereas before it required considerable effort. Thank you so much for your great energy and grounded presence. I would like to come in again on another evening soon when it works for your schedule.


OK guess what! You know that mass I was feeling on my lower right front side? It's gone....! I almost fell off my yoga mat yesterday when I noticed! How 'bout them apples?


I think your work is really cool. Thank you so much for the session. Yes! I'd love to schedule another one. Is next week appropriate?


I was thinking about you today as it was a pretty intense session. I have been telling people about the incredible places I went to during the session.


Thanks again for the healing session! I can still feel more of an expansiveness around my 3rd chakra and my 7th feels stronger. It's somewhat subtle, but a real difference! Thanks!


Thank you so much, dear Jeff, for the treatment yesterday. I feel more open today. I really love your energy, and I feel so much healing warmth emanating from your hands. Thank you again, dear friend. I'd love to do it again!


Hey Jeff,

Thought I'd let you know what I noticed after the healing. I pretty much spent the weekend tying up loose ends, taking care of many of the things that have been on my to do list for weeks/months but hadn't ranked high enough in terms of priority to be accomplished. I felt very relieved after doing that and it seems as though that opened the way for a lot of possibilities. I've been busier this week than any time I can remember for months. I'm adding bigger, better things to my to-do list, and seem to be getting more done. So thank you for the work. I think it really made a difference. I'd like to set up an appointment with you Friday late afternoon/evening or Saturday if you're available to work on my breathing thing I told you about last time. Hope you're doing well (-:


Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for the session on Friday, it felt really good. I saw my chiropractor this evening, and he that he has never felt my body be so “loose”, I think that has something to do with our session....I am excited to experience more openness.


Hey Jeff. I'm happy I had the session with you the other day. I'm enjoying getting grounded and playing with the lower bija mantras. I have a better sense of what it's like to not beat myself up. WOOHOO!

I would like another session. I will say it again - the last one helped me immensely. I have been self soothing all week. :)


thanks for the session last night. i felt super energized after.... and today more clear. this morning i got a sign. it was big and bold and told me everything i needed to know.


Thank you so much for the treatment. Just wanted to give you some feedback. Last night for the first time I started to feel some sensations in the area of my scar. I felt some tingling and warmth. Good stuff!


Hi Jeff

Thanks again for the session last night. I made it to yoga class today and really felt "lighter" ..."less dense" the best way I could describe it.


hi jeff...thanks for your healing touch today. much needed with all the changes i am going through.


Hi Jeff,

I am feeling great after last evening. Thank you for being support for me and providing safe place where I can come and open myself up.


Thanks so much! That was an amazing experience. I didn't get it at the time but am feeling infinitely more present than I have in some time. I deeply appreciate your skill.


You're work is amazing and I look forward to having another session with you soon...


Hello Jeff,

It's been wonderful few days since our session. I've been clear, light and honest. Thank you for your work.

Do you still have an opening on Sunday evening?


Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for working on me and my body. I feel grateful !

There is so much richness in your touch and your attention. I greatly appreciate the content quality of our conversations. I feel given-to and shared-with. I feel content having received from you. Thank you. I can still feel your energy with me.


Dear Jeff,

 Thank you so much for working on/with me today. I relaxed deeply into a state. I'm not sure how to describe it but it felt like drifting or floating, a peaceful, content, safe floating deeply downward, rather than upward. When you were finished, I didn't really want to come to present-awareness functioning, but felt obligated to do so based on what's typically expected at the end of a bodywork session. Upon entering that current state of being " in attendance" as it were, I felt gratitude for the experience of feeling your "presence with me." I so much appreciate that presence. It is a gift, really. I've cried on your table at certain moments, when acknowledging to myself the two different aspects of feeling you. On the one hand, bliss of connected presence with you; gratitude. And then a moment later, acknowledging the contrast of that closeness, to the memory of past experiences, when I did not feel a reciprocated closeness, connection, or bond with my mate. The crying was because of a sorrowful missing or regret.


Jeff, This was such a powerful session for me. I cannot even tell you. I would like to know if there is something you can suggest for me to read on this, I would like to know ALL about it. Also, since this felt so good, I would like to continue with this. Is this something that you would do on a regular basis, or is it a once in a while thing. It just felt so right for me and has made some amazing difference in my way of thinking and feeling this last week.


Thank you Jeff, not only for the info, but for your amazing work today. I left and kind of drifted through town doing a couple of errands, I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I have been relaxed, focused, and de-stressed all day. I had a weird thing happen around 3:00, which was felt a lot of pressure in my head and got extremely hot, actually felt like I could faint. It was strange! I ate a wonderful cold white peach and felt immediately better. Maybe my blood sugar dropped, or maybe some stuff I did not need anymore was leaving me.


I want to thank you for your amazing healing power. After our session, (I hope I didn’t leave your room in a mass of claustrophobic grey matter - but I think I did), my body went through a resetting period. Massive fevers & I fainted too … anyway, now I feel better than ever. I feel grateful, happy, charged – I am keeping my emotions outside of me – I feel them, yet I am not them. I just had to thank you because your work on me has had a dramatic positive effect. I feel great clarity – it’s so refreshing – not only to me, but to my family too.


thank you, thank you, thank you! i feel great right now, very centered. loved the session and the work.

you're amazing! blessings





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